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Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

DONNELLE: Day 3 – Banger in the mouth?

Yes ma’am, I do enjoy this diet, I must say. For better or worse, Trey and I both chose sausage-based main dishes for this week, so at this point I’m feeling a little…overindulged? Between the butter and the mayo and the sausagessss I can hardly believe this is diet food.

Come look at my riches!

First of all, mayonnaise isn’t JUST mayonnaise on this diet. You can pimp it up into something truly luxurious, like…FRESH HERB AIOLI.

Another half lemon’s juice, some cayenne, a bit of garlic, and a good bunch of minced basil and rosemary later…

This stuff is lux. It is a flavor EXPLOSION. Better than any I’ve had in a restaurant. Straight up I’d rather eat roasted potatoes dipped in this stuff than any French fry I’d be eating off-diet AND I MEAN THAT.

Also I’m sorry my pics suck so much, lighting is TERRIBLE in my apartment. Gonna try to find a solution for this.

Soooo yeah, I fancied up the mayo, I clarified more butter (you can never have too much clarified butter is something that I believe all of us intrinsically know), and last night’s dinner is maaaaybe my favorite thing we’ve made so far? It’s bangers and mash from the Whole30 guide book!

The “bangers” are a ground pork/ground turkey blend (the recipe calls for all pork, but that felt a little much-y, so we doubled the recipe and used a pound of each) with an excellent spice mix (which we quadrupled so we had some for the next batch without having to bother to measure them all out again. THINKY PARTS.)

“They look like meat cookies.” – Trey (mookies?)

These are absolutely perfect breakfast sausage patties too, I’ve been enjoying them with my daily egg cups.

The mashed sweet potatoes? Honestly these give that famous Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse sweet potato casserole a run for its money. It’s *that* good. This marks my first time using coconut milk on this diet, and in the case of these potatoes, it REALLY amps up the flavor with that bit of tropical sweetness. Caramelized onions bring it all home. I would happily eat this anytime, anywhere, with a fox, in a box, etc.

Final plating:

Soooo yeah! The food? Solid A so far. The feelings I’m getting from the diet? Also solid A! My energy has definitely increased, even after just a few days. The only thing I have noticed that I am NOT a fan of so far is I **cannot** sleep through the night. This may also be due to being highly stressed with my current business venture (COME BUY MY DOG LUGGAGE!! SUPER LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE AT $45!! NORMALLY $62!! I SWEAR I WON’T DO THIS IN ANY OTHER POST MAYBE), but while I’m trying to carefully document any physical changes I’m feeling, it’s a bit frustrating to not know what the root is behind my insomnia. My guess is it’s a blend of both.

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  • Those mashed sweet potatoes look sexy as fuck.

    Alright. It’s happened. I’m getting recipe envy. I’m starting to want to try a recipe. This weekend, I’ll do it.

    And BUY DONNELLE’S DOG LUGGAGE, people! It’s super cool, like a doggy lunch box/diaper bag!

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