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Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

DANA: Day 9

(Technically I’m posting this Saturday morning. Yesterday was a long day, and I fell asleep early, but I needed ALL OF THAT SLEEP.)

Short post today. Busy day today.

There were cookies at my damn gym this morning. I nearly called the cops. RUDE.

And I officially CAVE. I’m gonna buy a Whole30 cookbook this weekend because I need to eat something that seems less like the kind of stuff I make all the time, and I don’t feel like poking through recipes posted by online randos, discovering that they’re not actually compliant after all. This is why I have trust issues, people!

That’s right. I’m an online rando ranting about other online randos. But I’m not like the other randos. I’m a cool rando (read: meticulous, responsible, rule-following, and not at all cool).

Observation: Canned fish is a handy thing to have around but only kind of, because I never really want to eat it.

Ate my pre and post workout snack things; a hard-boiled egg before, and a chunk of sweet potato with half an Epic bar after. (Those things are salty AF, and I love salt. Are my tastebuds recalibrating?)


Squash, kale, eggs. This is how I feel about it. Not because I don’t like it but because I’m feeling cranky and uninspired today.

(Note: Not sure if grumpy because PMSing or grumpy because of Whole30 or grumpy because tired or grumpy because it’s been a mentally exhausting week?)

Wanna see what I have to face down every day, in addition to the amazing recipes being tested in my office?

This is the view from my desk.

Here’s the close up:

GAH. Yup. Just candy. Just jars of candy that I walk past 48 times a day, Monday thru Friday.



A study in green. With hot sauce.

I’m working on a new meal plan for next week over the weekend.

This salad was hella tasty though.

Well, I left my full dinner at home and I’m not gonna be home until 9. So I’ll have an RX bar before I go to the theatre to keep people from being killed in the meantime.

(It barely worked. I got home around 8:45 super hungry.)


Delicious, unattractive leftovers. Salmon with mayo, potato with Everything Bagel seasoning, leftover shredded Brussels.

I had a bunch of blueberries and almond butter afterward because I was cranky. I know snacking is discouraged. I know emotional eating is one of the things I’m trying to get around. In that moment, I did not care and was like “It’s compliant, whatever.”

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