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Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

DANA: Day 13

Was working on other projects this evening and getting to the blog late and trying to make sure I get adequate amounts of sleep ARRRRGH.

Is there a cheat code that I can enter somewhere and access extra hours in my day? I swear, of all the magic in the Harry Potter universe, the bit I want more than anything is that goddamn Time Turner. And yeah, I would 100% pull a Hermione and use it to get extra work done.

I resent my body’s need for sleep, I really do. The fact that I’m supposed to spend a THIRD of each 24-hour period laying unconscious, doing absolutely nothing feels like such a waste. Like I’ve mentioned, my brain has been trying for years to find a way to multitask my sleep time, to no avail. Don’t get me wrong: I love the way I feel when I get sleep when I’ve been tired and I love the way I feel when I’m well rested. But part of me will always be a little pissed off at all the time I’m wasting on sleep.

(What did I come here to write about again? Ah yes, food.)

OH Y’ALL. My food was making me HAPPY today. That’s not to say that I didn’t have occasional pastry-based fantasies or spend time thinking about cupcakes (thanks to that “who’s your celebrity Valentine based on the cupcake you choose” quiz). But I stand by my opinion that a marble cupcake with cookies ‘n creme frosting, topped with an Oreo and fudge sauce would be BALLER.

Worked out, potato ‘n chicken snack after. All good. (I’ve given up on eating pre-workout. It’s just really not working for me, and I’m not feeling like I’m lacking energy.)


After having prevailed over my tahini troubles, I’ve got my completed baba ganoush, and it’s become a clutch part of my breakfast. This meal made me a) super happy and b) super full. I love cucumbers SO MUCH. Always have. I feel like I went a really long time having forgotten that, and it seems like such a melodramatic thing to say, but I’m just so glad to have cucumbers back in my life.

I just thought briefly about how poorly I took care of myself in college and most of my 20s. How few vegetables and fresh fruits I ate. I remember repeated attempts to donate blood during college, and repeatedly being turned away for one reason or another: low red blood cell count, low iron, low blood pressure, underweight. And I was always like “UGH, what the hell?” What the hell? GO EAT THE HELL SOME BROCCOLI AND MAYBE POP AN EFFING MULTIVITIMIN.

In the past. Older and wiser now.


OH Y’ALL. This lunch is GOOD. And super simple. A few red cabbage leaves, as you can see. I scooped in some cooked and chilled shrimp and chopped green pepper, topped it with the Almond Butter Satay Sauce and some Frank’s RedHot (it’s life). And then there’s a side of those Red Roasted Carrots I made last night and GODDAMN, this was all so satisfying on every level. A joy to eat. But here’s the other thing…

The 3:00 hour came and went.

I had a cup of coffee at the top of the hour, after having eaten my lunch at 2:00.
No sugar twinges.
Didn’t have any fruit with lunch.
But I did have the Red Roasted Carrots.
Were they the secret to my success?
Is it just that I was still totally full from all the dang raw cabbage in my stomach?
Who knows.

I was getting hungry by the time I was leaving work, but I slugged back some water; I didn’t need a snack. I’d just eat right when I got home.

Aaaaaand then I got sucked into a project and didn’t eat ’til 7:30, of course, but it was so good!


Still not so cute in the picture but YUM YUM YUM. Ate the rest of the Brussels sprouts (4 servings, my ass) which is fine, because I have kale for the rest of the week. Realized I didn’t have a plated fat with all this, so I ate a spoonful of almond butter afterward with a few cacao nibs. Did the trick.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which isn’t terribly important to me, but since Andrew and I have a track record of one of us basically always being out of town the day of, I usually try to treat myself to something delicious. Seeing as tomorrow, I can have neither sugar nor my sweetie, I’mma need to get creative.

I’m probably going to just get a Chocolate Sea Salt Rx Bar. Maybe I’ll cut it up into pieces to make it last longer. Maybe I’ll mold those pieces into little heart shapes so they seem more like candies.

Maybe I should go to sleep now.

3 Replies to “DANA: Day 13”

  • The Rock doesn’t eat a pre-workout meal in the morning. (I mean, his first workout is at like 4:30am, lasts a good hour or two, then he eats 1000 or so calories and goes in for workout number two, but still. First one’s free.)

    And at least you can take some comfort in knowing I’m gone on V-day working on the most romantic of projects imaginable.

    (I’m in Macbeth.)

  • Omg! Squish your little Rx Bar pieces into hearts PLEASE. I love that.

    Also…I must buy cacao nibs to stud my almond butter with. Brilliant.

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