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Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

DANA: Day 15

Goddammit. I’ve burned through another dish I loved.

The cabbage wraps I was so over the moon about a couple days ago?
SO over them.
The hard crunchy cabbage.
The mushy, cold shrimp.

It could be that the shrimp have gotten worse in the fridge and that I’m getting to harder, thicker leaves on my cabbage the farther in I go — a couple of the bites were just CHALLENGING today — but the truth is plain that this lunch has lost its appeal.

Not the sauce though. That shit is still bomb.

Luckily I’m finished with the shrimp. The remaining cabbage, I can cut up and cook. But oof, yeah, I gotta be moving on to a new lunch.

This is not a boredom thing! I tell you, I ate a bowl of yogurt with fruit, almond butter, and cinnamon nearly every single day for the last 4 years. I love it. I truly love it. I miss it so much. But that lunch? We’re done for now.

I didn’t photograph my food today because I ate literally the exact thing I’ve been eating the last few days. And you can only photograph the exact same meal so many times before beginning to suspect you’re in a remake of Groundhog Day.


Another day of same ol’, nothing really new to report. I’m working from home tomorrow, but I forgot my damn baba ganoush at work, so it’s gonna be there all weekend. AND my almond butter sauce, argh! SIGH. Should be fine for meals for the day though on my current stash.

I just suddenly got really exhausted at the prospect of more cooking and more planning and, goddamn it, I’d just love to have a day to wing it and eat whatever. Not necessarily bad stuff, but not to have to have everything so meticulously planned out.

“Dana, did your control-freak ass just express a desire to NOT have a plan?” Ha ha, yes. Whole30 is breaking me down.

Also, I’m sick of having to say No when people offer me chocolates, because it runs counter to EVERYTHING IN MY NATURE to do so.

I’m getting crankier the more I write. Must be bedtime.

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  • I’ve almost thrown myself down on the floor in an adult tantrum over leaving prepared food at work over the weekend. #solidarity

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