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Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

DANA: Day 21

Things that are currently bumming me out:

The Olive Garden meatball pizza bowl.

These cookies filled with Nutella that are only available in Germany.

Friends making plans to go get burgers and pie. AND PIE.

Whatever the hell this is.

But enough complaining…

Didn’t make the mistake of skipping my post-workout carb, that’s for sure. Chicken & potato, back on track.

A bit later in the morning…


You guys! Not sure if you saw, but my sister trolled me (and kind of you too) earlier today.

My sister does not get veg appeal. It’s cool. One of these days, I’m gonna convince her and her husband to move to California and deluge them with our glorious vegetal bounty. That, or I’ll start some weird project where I move back to Illinois just to show up at her door every day, prepare veggies for her, and then badger her into eating them. It would be like having a really annoying personal chef who you did not hire but don’t really want to have arrested either.


I tried to up my veggies today after yesterday’s disaster. Wrapped more lettuce around my burger, but that just makes it kind of… well…


At some point today, I just typed the word “I WANT A CAKE” with no further discourse or clarification. I imagine that I was, you know, thinking about cake philosophically and decided that I wanted one. Philosophically.

It’s 4:30 and I want snaaaaaaaaaaacks.

(I’m not sure how someone got it on camera, but this is basically the tiny gremlin that lives in my head and takes over around 3pm every day.)

I had an apple with sunflower seed butter about an hour ago. I’m not hungry; I’m snacky. I know the difference. This is not a real need for food.

Stuck it out; chugged some water, and got home for dinner. But before I went home, I swung my Trader Joe’s so I wouldn’t have to repeat last night’s ugly-ass dinner.

(When you’re cold, extra, and need colorful veg.)


Got a li’l arugula salad with green goddess dressing on the side; cauliflower rice and butternut squash (ILU4EVA) with ghee and chicken breast with Frank’s RedHot. Yummier than it looks, and very filling. (It looks like some diet-ass diet food, but I tell you, the ghee saves the taste.)

Now, I’m not saying I’m getting sick of Frank’s; I will say that I am eager to get other flavor profiles back in my life. Like barbecue sauce. Oh! Barbecue sauce! Donnelle mentioned that Amy’s compliant stuff sucks, and I was so bummed to hear that. And then when I got home, something one of my neighbors was cooking DEFINITELY smelled like BBQ chicken. Hnnnggg…

Alright, y’all, nuts to this day. Tea time, then bed time.

5 Replies to “DANA: Day 21”

  • Ghee is definitely one of the heroes of this diet. What’s more, it’s made me so much less afraid of butter. Both of my sisters are champions of healthy eating (I have deeply disappointed my Whole30-lovin’ sister with my dropout), but my other sister said even she learned in her own studies that butter has been one of those deeply misunderstood healthy fats.

    This, of course, thrills me to no end.

    Also passages like this are why I love you so damn much: “At some point today, I just typed the word “I WANT A CAKE” with no further discourse or clarification. I imagine that I was, you know, thinking about cake philosophically and decided that I wanted one. Philosophically.”

    ALSO also believe me, you’re not missing a great burger (and, frankly, having had their butterscotch pie before…not great pie either). It’s a good month to miss, I promise. <3

    • Is it any wonder that our Midwestern asses get into Whole30 and are like “OOOOOH CLARIFIED BUTTER AND MAYO!”

      And it’s the very concept of having a burger and a slice of pie right now that’s making me whimper inside.

      • Hahahaha honestly those were what sold me on trying the diet at all! And the unlimited avocados thing. I’m still eating half an avocado with breakfast every morning.

        Oh ALSO I was wrong, it wasn’t an Amy’s sauce, it’s Annie’s. But regardless, avoid. You’re one of those vinegar-leaning BBQ sauce people right? (I’m a sweet sauce person, although I do like the North Carolina mustard-style BBQ sauce). It’s not good for either, IMO.

        • That makes SO much more sense that it’s Annie’s — they’re hit or miss. And yes, my fave BBQ sauces are on the vinegar or Carolina gold side.

  • Same with avocado. I’m not afraid of overindulging in healthy fats anymore. Those aren’t what’s making America fat, it’s sugar and processed carbs. Thanks Whole30! Er, Whole13!

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