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Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30

Two Die-Hard Foodies Take On The Whole30


Dana had been secretly pondering  trying Whole30 in the midst of her now-yearly January-long battle with the sugar demons. Donnelle casually mentioned on Facebook that she and her lovely husband Trey were going to do Whole30 in February. Dana decided it was fate, pounced, and lo, they were going to get through this together.

And then Dana was like “ALSO LET’S DO A BLOG” and Donnelle was like “PERFECT, I’ve got a snappy name for it and everything!”

This is one-part accountability for us (because if everybody knows we’re doing it, we HAVE to see it through) and one-part venting about the trauma of eating clean, poorly laid-out meal plans, badly written recipes, sugar dragons, compliancy woes, and all the other stuff we’re walking into. And we figured, at the very least, our friends might be entertained by our journey. (Hi.)